Oregon Battle of the Books

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OBOB Regional Results - 3/5/16

Out of 68 teams, from 68 schools, we ranked 15th!!!  Had we made it to the final 5 top teams, we would have gone to the state competitions in April.This was no easy effort on their part, as they had to read a total of 17 books from December to the end of February and still keep up their grades.

At the competition, they had to be able to answer difficult questions, title/author, and content,  within a 15 second time frame.  This is a very serious competition and any misstep could have disqualified them.  They all emerged as successful students, apt to the task at hand. Everyone was very gratified to have participated in the competitions.  They all conducted themselves in a manner which brought our school and school district honor. 

I am extremely proud of them.

S. Raynell Flohr
Estacada Middle School Librarian, OBOB Coach

EMS OBOB Announcement for first meeting 12/16/15
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2015-26 OBOB Reading List
2015 - 2016 OBOB List.pdf